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Garage Keepers Insurance New Orleans – Claims Scenario Continued… 

Last time, Bill Benson – owner of Benson Trusty Repair Shop – had to tell his long-time customer Sam Jones that the damage to Sam’s car will not be covered by his Garage Insurance Policy.

Instead, Bill promised that he would pay for Sam’s deductible once Sam submitted the claim to his own personal auto insurance.

To refresh your memory, recall that Sam’s Honda Pilot was damaged in a collision while Bill’s mechanic was taking the car for a test drive after replacing the water pump and timing belt.

Because the driver who hit the Honda was found to be at fault and without insurance, it seems logical to assume that Bill’s Garage policy would pay the claim.

Bill called his agent to file the claim but as we learned in our last episode Bill’s policy only extends coverage if Benson Trusty Repair Shop was legally obligated to pay, which in this case it was not— the other party was at fault and therefore liable.

What a mess, especially taking into consideration the fact that Bill’s customer is one of the biggest he has.

So, Sam submits the claim to his insurance company. Fortunately, Sam had full coverage on his Honda Pilot, so the damage is covered.

However, Sam’s insurance agent informs him that he will be charged with a not-at-fault accident which will cause Sam’s insurance rates to go up.

Sure enough, Sam receives an increase on his next renewal and he is mad!  Why, he wasn’t even driving his car when the accident occurred yet now his rates have increased because some fool was driving without insurance.

Even though Bill pays for Sam’s deductible, Sam is understandably upset about his increased rates.

Bill has managed to tick off his best customer because his Garage Policy would not cover the damage to his customer’s car.

Was there another option available that could have helped Bill avoid this entire debacle? We will look into this question in our next article.

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Auto Garage Insurance Louisiana – Is This Covered by My Policy?

Insuring your business can be tricky especially if you do not pay close attention to what is covered or not covered by your Louisiana garage insurance policy.   Will your garage insurance policy cover every situation?

Let’s examine a claim scenario to see how coverage may or may not apply.

Bobby Henderson the owner of Henderson’s garage needs at least two new mechanics for his busy garage and seems to be having trouble finding good ones to hire.

Bobby decides to take a chance and hire Jerry Shortcut.  

Bobby was a little uncertain about Jerry because he had I spotty work history plus he really didn’t have much experience working on vehicles but he decides to give Jerry a shot.

Bobby has Jerry work with one of his more experienced mechanics Don.

Previously Jerry failed to clean up an oil spill that caused one customer Mildred to fall on her back earlier in the day.

Naturally Jerry didn’t want to fess up to his mistake but his last name rightly describes his personality. Jerry takes shortcuts on everything and tries to work as little as possible.

Don instructed Jerry repeatedly about the importance of making sure he is careful as he drives cars over the Oil changing pit to give the oil techs a heads up to avoid accidental injuries.

Jerry sees a customer pulling up for an oil change and he notices that it’s almost break time so he gets in the customers car and drives the car over the oil pit failing to warn Steve. Steve sees the car coming at the last second and ducks but it’s too late Jerry runs over Steve’s left hand crushing it.

The accidental injury could have been far worse. The bad news is that Steve will likely never be able to have full use of his left hand due to the injury. Jerry of course is immediately fired and Steve hires an attorney to sue Henderson’s garage for unsafe working conditions.

Will the Henderson’s garage insurance policy provide coverage for this million dollar lawsuit?

We will discuss the answer in our next post.

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