Commercial Tow Truck Insurance Louisiana

Commercial Tow Truck Insurance LouisianaIf you own a garage providing towing services or a tow truck company you need the best options for commercial tow truck insurance in Louisiana.

Jeff Davis Insurance provides insurance for thousands of individuals and companies in the state of Louisiana and you can count on us today and tomorrow when shopping for tow truck insurance in Louisiana.

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Make sure Your Liability Limits Are Sufficient.

One of the most important steps that should be taken when shopping for tow truck insurance in Louisiana is to make sure you purchase sufficient liability limits to cover your financial interests.

For example one fairly large tow truck company operating in multiple states and offering 24 hour per day services, with revenues in excess of $4 million per year, only maintained at the time $1 million of auto liability insurance for its fleet of 22 vehicles.

As a business owner do you believe that $1 million of coverage would be sufficient to cover a company generating more than $4 million in revenue per year?

Example:  A driver working for this company after picking up an abandoned pickup truck at 6 AM in the morning falls asleep at the wheel and plows into a semi-truck that in turn strikes a minivan with two passengers on their way to work causing two fatalities in the minivan.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the driver had been working overtime for the tow truck company and had not slept in 24 hours because of the heavy workload he was under at his company.

A verdict of $3 million +3 million in punitive damages was assessed against the tow truck operation.*

Because the company only had $1 million in liability coverage they were forced to file bankruptcy and liquidate its assets and close its doors.

Could This Happen to Your Business?

While it’s likely true that an accident of this proportion would never occur to your business, what if something similar happened?

As an employer you are not only responsible for your own actions, but of the actions of your employees.

What if you were sued for an amount of money that exceeded your coverage limits on your Louisiana tow truck insurance policy?

Any amount of money not covered by insurance would be the responsibility of the business.

Because of this fact it’s important to choose your coverage limits wisely.

Need Commercial Tow Truck Insurance in Louisiana? 

We can not only help you find the coverage you need, but we can discuss how a commercial umbrella policy can give you added protection for your company.

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*This is a fictitious claims example.