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As a leading independent insurance agency in Louisiana, Jeff Davis Insurance is able to shop the market to find you better prices and coverage than you would typically find through a captive agency. 

A captive agent is one who can only sell insurance through one insurer. Companies that you see advertising on TV are usually captive agents. 

Not only can we help you find excellent rates, but we also will provide a higher level of service compared to any company selling Louisiana Dump Truck Insurance!  

We like to use illustrations and examples to help policyholders and those not yet insured with us to better understand their insurance. 

Let’s now consider part three of our claims scenario involving Chuck, the owner of Lucky Chuck’s Haul and Dump.

Dump Truck Insurance New Orleans – Claims Scenario Part Three.

Chuck is having a bad day. First, he’s worn out from a long day at work; second, a customer stiffs him out of $6,000 he’s owed; third, a job he was counting on cancels at the last second; and finally, a man driving a red sports car cuts him off forcing him to slam on his brakes. His restraining seat belt doesn’t catch him and he smashes his chest into the steering wheel. 

Chuck, suffering from a little bit of road rage, catches up with the driver and passes him, stops his truck in the middle-of-the-road in front of the red sports car and threatens to dump mud all over that expensive car.

The owner of the sports car is boxed in and can’t back up or pass the dump truck because of oncoming traffic and he quickly gets out of his car because he doesn’t want to have debris fall on top of him as the dump bed reaches the apex. 

Let’s now pick up where we left off: 

Chuck’s initial intention was to threaten the guy. He may be a hothead but he really wasn’t going to drop his load on the sports car. As the dump bed rises higher, Chuck decides he’s had enough fun and he reverses his dump bed… but it doesn’t stop!

He clicks the lever on his dump controls and nothing happens. He does it again and the dump bed continues to rise. He does it again, only to realize that his lever has malfunctioned. 

Nothing can stop the bed from reaching the top and dropping its load on top of the red sports car and all over the road. 

At the same time he suddenly remembers he wasn’t carrying dirt after all but large chunks of concrete from the demolition of a building downtown. 


Chucks entire load crushes the red sports car under tons of concrete. Chuck and the driver of the red sports car are fighting as the police show up. Both are arrested. Fortunately someone filmed the entire event and posted it online where it quickly went viral with 5 million views the 1st day alone. Now Chuck and the owner of the red sports car are famous – or should we say infamous.

What happens next? Chuck was fully covered by his Louisiana Dump Truck Insurance Policy, will he have any problems with this claim? 

Tune in next week to find out.

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