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Home Insurance Welsh Louisiana – Why Ruined Carpeting Was Covered With This Claim.

In our last article we discussed how The Special Home Insurance Coverage Form covered a claim whereas 2 young Picassos named Hannah and Olivia, both seven and twins, ruined their parent’s super expensive carpeting to the tune of nearly $5000 by spilling grape juice all over it.

Fortunately their Special Home Insurance Coverage Form covered the claim in full minus their deductible.

We also discussed how there are six different parts to the homeowner’s insurance policy:

Coverage A – Protects the structure of the home and any items that are permanently attached including wall to wall carpeting. So the carpeting that Hannah and Olivia ruined in their parent’s home would’ve been covered under Coverage A.

Under The Special Home Insurance Coverage Form all claim events are covered except for what is excluded in the policy under Coverage A.

Grape juice intentionally spilled by seven-year-old twin girls is not excluded therefore it was covered by mom and aunts policy!

As was mentioned in our last article this claim would not have been covered if it was the parents who intentionally spilled the grape juice as intentional damage caused to your home would not be covered by any policy.

So that leads us to discussing the final home insurance policy that may be available for purchase in your area. The HO5 home insurance policy. 

What Is the Difference between the Special Home Insurance Policy and the HO5?

The main difference between the Special Home Insurance Coverage Form and the HO5 is how claims are handled under Coverage C Personal Property.

Coverage C Personal Property includes all of your personal items. Your furniture, appliances that are not permanently attached to the home, clothing, electronics, etc. (All of your stuff with some limitations that we will consider in a future article)

For a claim to be covered under the Special Home Insurance Coverage Form Coverage C Personal Property, the claim event must be named in the policy.

You might recall from previous articles we discussed the Basic and Broad Home Coverage Form.

For something to be covered (speaking about Coverage A) it needed to be listed as a covered peril or claim event.

Well that’s exactly how the Special Home Form, sometimes referred to as an HO3 also works except for personal property. (Seems confusing doesn’t it?)

So here’s a question we will answer in our next post:

If Hannah and Olivia had splashed grape juice over an area carpet or rug and ruined it, would the parent’s home insurance policy covered that claim as they would have for wall-to-wall carpeting?

The answer may surprise you.  Don’t miss next week’s issue. 

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