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Last week we discussed the initial preliminary steps to take if you are involved in an accident.

In this week’s article will continue that conversation to explain the importance of information/duties insurance companies need to investigate claims.

Tow Truck Insurance New Orleans – Steps You Must Take For Claims To Be Paid!

Please notice what duties policyholders companies require when a claim needs to be filed:

A person seeking coverage must:

  1. Cooperate with us in any matter concerning a claim or lawsuit;
    2. Provide any written proof of loss we may reasonably require;
    3. Allow us to take signed and recorded statements, including sworn statements and
    examinations under oath, which we may conduct outside the presence of you, a
    relative, or any person claiming coverage, and answer all reasonable questions
    we may ask as often as we may reasonably require;
    4. Promptly call us to notify us about any claim or lawsuit and send us any and all
    legal papers relating to any claim or lawsuit;
    5. Attend hearings and trials as we require;
    6. Submit to medical examinations at our expense by doctors we select as often as
    we may reasonably require;
    7. Authorize us to obtain medical and other records;
    8. Take reasonable steps after a loss to protect the insured auto from further loss.
    We will pay reasonable expenses incurred in providing that protection. If failure to
    provide such protection results in further loss, any additional damages will not be
    covered under this policy;
    9. Allow us to have the damage to an insured auto or other auto involved in an
    accident or loss inspected and appraised before its repair or disposal; and
    10. Authorize us access to your business or personal records as often as we may
    reasonably require.

Insurance companies do not accept blind liability for accidents, including lawsuits, until they have had reasonable time to investigate the accident or claim.

The insurance company requires the cooperation of its policyholder’s as there may be details that can’t be obtained without the policyholder’s assistance.

We will discuss this a little bit further in a future article.

Tow Truck Insurance New Orleans – We Offer a Claims Advocacy Program.

Because of the complexity of insurance it’s good to know that if you choose Jeff Davis Insurance to care for your tow truck insurance needs we will stand up for your rights as a policyholder

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