Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance

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Louisiana Convenience Store Insurance

If you own gas stations, corner stores, and convenience stores then we need to speak to you right away about the incredible low rates now available for Convenience Store Insurance in Louisiana!

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Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Recap

Previously, Pete happened to be inside a corner store when two robbers entered. In addition to stealing from the store, they also mugged Pete and took his restaurant’s deposit money, a sum of over $5,000.

Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Insurance Scenario Part 3

The robber at the front counter hastily pulls the money tray out of the register, empties it into his bag, and makes for the doors. The robber who stole Pete’s deposit hesitates before following. He scoops an armful of beef jerky sticks with his free hand, then sprints out the front doors.

The two hop into their getaway van and peel out of the parking lot. Moments later, Pete can hear sirens approaching.

Pete picks himself up off the floor and calls out to the cashier.

“Hey, are you alright over there?” Pete asks shakily. He realizes he’s trembling from the experience.

After a brief pause, the cashier pops her head up over the counter.

“Ye- yeah, I’m okay,” she squeaks. Pete can hear the nervousness in her voice, too. “How about you?” she asks him in return.

“I’m not hurt,” Pete says. But my pocket book is, Pete thinks to himself, grimly.

The cashier, who introduces herself as Jenny, calls 911 to report the incident.

While they wait and begin to recover from the shock of what happened, they wonder aloud to each other whether they will be able to recover the money that was stolen from them.

Jenny tells Pete that her parents own the store so she’s not sure what their insurance covers, but that it may be possible that Pete’s stolen deposit will be covered by the store’s insurance policy.

A short while later, the police arrive, lock down the scene, and take statements from Pete and the gas station cashier.

After the ordeal is over, Pete calls his insurance agency to file a claim.

How will the insurance companies respond to this event? Find out in a future article.

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