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Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport Louisiana. 

Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport LouisianaIf you’re looking for Tow Truck Insurance in Shreveport Louisiana and the nearby areas then look no further than Jeff Davis Insurance. 

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Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport Louisiana – Exclusions of Coverage. 

In this week’s article we’re continuing the exclusions of coverage theme. To recap, exclusions of coverage are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be granted by the insurance company. 

As we’ve said before, the best advice we can give at Jeff Davis Insurance when it comes to exclusions of coverage is to read your policy very carefullyIt is the most reliable way to fully understand what is and is not covered on your Louisiana Tow Truck Insurance policy. 

The following is a claims scenario to illustrate the importance of knowing your policy’s exclusions of coverage. Let’s see how it concludes:

Shreveport Louisiana Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario. 

You may recall that Biff McSlickerson drives a tow truck for a towing company, and he’s known around town for having won a hefty sum of money from a lawsuit a few years back.

When last we left Biff, he and his wife had just been injured while Biff was on the job. He was too busy arguing with his wife, whom he was giving a ride to the casino, to notice that he had improperly attached the hook of his tow truck to a customer’s car. The car came loose and rolled on top of the couple.

With his arm broken and his wife in the emergency room, Biff sees another opportunity to make some easy money.

Biff thinks he can file a lawsuit against his employer, Marty and obtain a large 6 figure settlement. Biff realizes he’ll quickly get fired by Marty but believes the big settlement will be worth it, plus he will be able to collect unemployment after getting the axe.

Biff writes up the lawsuit using big legal terms such as loss of consortium and untold pain and suffering to make his case.  Biff knows that his boss has $5 million of coverage and plenty of money in the bank and expects a quick and large settlement from Marty’s insurance company.

Biff prepares his lawsuit papers, and files them at the court house after paying his fee.

Is Biff getting ready to make his second big pay day?

We will learn the answer in next week’s post to see what happens.

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It’s super important to understand how your coverage works when you purchase Tow Truck Insurance in Shreveport Louisiana and the nearby areas.

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