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Allstate Insurance Jennings LaAllstate Insurance Jennings La

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Never Assume Your Home Insurance Policy Covers Every Claims Event.

In the two previous articles we discussed whether or not flooding is covered by the typical Louisiana Home Insurance Policy. We discovered that an outside water source coming from a body of water – which can include rivers, lakes, streams, broken water hydrants, or storm surges driven by wind – are not covered.

However we also learned that water damage caused by an internal claims event could be covered. 

For instance Ted and Nancy Stevenson along with their three year-old daughter Tiffany Marie headed off for a two week vacation.

Only hours before they left Tiffany Marie took it upon herself to stuff 20 rolls of toilet paper down the commode, and as you can imagine quite a mess awaited the Stevensons when they returned – in the amount of nearly $40,000 in water damages.

Fortunately this claim was covered because of Tiffany Marie’s age.

However would every unintentional water claim be covered when it happens inside the home?

Let’s find out. 

Allstate Insurance Jennings La – Would This Be Covered?

In early January Louisiana experienced record low freezing temperatures. To escape the frigid weather Andre and Adelaide decide to pack up and head to Aruba for a week-long getaway in the sun. 

Andre experiences a bit of sticker shock upon seeing the price tag of the couples’ South American retreat and decides to save a few bucks by switching off the heat to their house, turning off his outdoor lights, and unplugging all unnecessary appliances for the duration of the vacation. “No sense heating an empty home,” he reasons.

After their refreshing Aruban escape, Andre and Adelaide return to find their Louisiana home is flooded with two feet of icy-cold water. It turns out that the arctic temperatures had frozen the pipes in the first floor of their home, causing one of them to burst.

“Not to worry,” Andre reassures his despondent wife; “that’s what we have insurance for.”

Andre files the claim with his insurance company.

What do you think? Will Andre’s insurance company cover this unintentional indoor flood just as they covered Tiffany Marie’s toilet paper roll stuffing venture?

We will learn the answer in our next article. 

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