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Never Assume Your Home Insurance Policy Covers Every Claims Event.

In the two previous articles we discussed whether or not flooding is covered by the typical Louisiana Home Insurance Policy. We discovered that an outside water source coming from a body of water – which can include rivers, lakes, streams, broken water hydrants, or storm surges driven by wind – are not covered.

However we also learned that water damage caused by an internal claims event could be covered. 

For instance Ted and Nancy Stevenson along with their three year-old daughter Tiffany Marie headed off for a two week vacation.

Only hours before they left Tiffany Marie took it upon herself to stuff 20 rolls of toilet paper down the commode, and as you can imagine quite a mess awaited the Stevensons when they returned – in the amount of nearly $40,000 in water damages.

Fortunately this claim was covered because of Tiffany Marie’s age.

However would every unintentional water claim be covered when it happens inside the home?

Let’s find out. 

Allstate Insurance Jennings La – Would This Be Covered?

In early January Louisiana experienced record low freezing temperatures. To escape the frigid weather Andre and Adelaide decide to pack up and head to Aruba for a week-long getaway in the sun. 

Andre experiences a bit of sticker shock upon seeing the price tag of the couples’ South American retreat and decides to save a few bucks by switching off the heat to their house, turning off his outdoor lights, and unplugging all unnecessary appliances for the duration of the vacation. “No sense heating an empty home,” he reasons.

After their refreshing Aruban escape, Andre and Adelaide return to find their Louisiana home is flooded with two feet of icy-cold water. It turns out that the arctic temperatures had frozen the pipes in the first floor of their home, causing one of them to burst.

“Not to worry,” Andre reassures his despondent wife; “that’s what we have insurance for.”

Andre files the claim with his insurance company.

What do you think? Will Andre’s insurance company cover this unintentional indoor flood just as they covered Tiffany Marie’s toilet paper roll stuffing venture?

We will learn the answer in our next article. 

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Allstate House Insurance Lake Charles Louisiana

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In a previous post we discussed the importance of reading your insurance policies and understanding the terms and conditions of the typical Louisiana home insurance policy.

In addition we analyzed the property section of the homeowner’s insurance policy.

In this article we will discuss the liability section of the homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Allstate Home Insurance Lake Charles Louisiana – What Is Liability Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Personal liability protects you from claims and lawsuits due to injuries or property damage that you or others covered by your policy cause, or are legally responsible for. 

Claims Example:  Tim along with his wife Julie are invited to your home for a backyard cookout before the official end of summer.  As Tim is walking down the stairs of your deck a loose board gives way causing Tim to fall down the stairs breaking his left leg.

Tim requires surgery and is off work for six weeks due to the accident in your home and has medical bills amounting to $27,815 in addition to the $6,000 he loses due to time off from work.

In this situation it is likely that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the medical expenses and provide compensation to Tim. Additionally if Tim files a lawsuit, your home insurance policy will provide a legal defense. 

Lake Charles Allstate Home Insurance – Liability Sections:

The liability section of the homeowner’s insurance policy is usually broken down into two sections:

  • Coverage E – Personal Liability
  • Coverage F- Medical Payments to Others

Other companies may use different terminology to describe this coverage. For instance the Lake Charles Allstate Home Insurance Policy makes reference to this coverage as: Coverage X Family Liability Protection.

Please note how Allstate defines their duty for claims under Coverage X:

Coverage X Family Liability Protection: 

Losses We Cover Under Coverage X: 

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of this policy, Allstate will pay damages which an insured person becomes legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury or property damage arising from an occurrence to which this policy applies, and is covered by this part of the policy. 

We may investigate or settle any claim or suit for covered damages against an insured person. If an insured person is sued for these damages, we will provide a defense with counsel of our choice, even if the allegations are groundless, false or fraudulent. We are not obligated to pay any claim or judgment after we have exhausted our limit of liability.

Naturally any insurance company would investigate the individual claim to determine whether or not liability is evident.

In our next article we will discuss exclusions of coverage in the home insurance policy you need to pay special attention to. 

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Home Insurance Lafayette Louisiana

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In a previous article we discussed the following topic:

Child Care Insurance Louisiana – Is this Covered by my Home Insurance Policy?

In our previous article Ron and Tammy Bierson began to offer child care in their home and unfortunately one of the children being cared for was injured and the parents of the injured child filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the Bierson’s.

The Bierson’s file a claim with their home insurance company.  Will they pay for this potential $500,000 claim? Unfortunately, the answer is likely no for the Bierson’s. This is why:

A homeowner’s insurance policy is not designed to cover the business pursuits of policyholders. 

Please note how this is explained in one Lafayette Louisiana home insurance policy:


  1. Coverage E — Personal Liability and Coverage F — Medical Payments to Others do not apply to bodily injury or property damage: 

Arising out of business pursuits of any insured. This exclusion does not apply to:

(1) Activities which are ordinarily incident to non-business pursuits;

(2) The occasional or part-time business pursuits of any insured who is under 23 years of age.

Some stay-at-home mothers want to make extra money by offering childcare or babysitting services for a fee.

This activity is prohibited by insurance companies for the very reason as outlined in this claim scenario.

Please note that in some instances childcare could be covered if one of the insureds is under a certain age, and this age can vary from company to company. (Don’t assume it is 23 years of age with every company)

The particular company cited above bases their age at 23.  Why is the age of importance?  This is designed for younger individuals such as teenagers offering childcare in their parents’ home.

It’s not intended for a commercial enterprise which was clearly the case for the Bierson’s and so likely a claim would be denied in this situation.

If you offer childcare in your home it’s best to consider purchasing the appropriate commercial general liability insurance, otherwise you may find yourself on the losing end of a lawsuit without any protection from your insurance company!

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Homeowners Insurance Lake Charles Louisiana

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This Is One Mistake You Should Avoid When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance in Lake Charles!

In a previous article we discussed the importance of insuring our homes properly.  Steve and Jodie Harrison purchased a new home and only bought enough insurance to cover what they paid for the home.

At first glance this seems logical. But it was a mistake that cost Steve and Jodie $12,000 out-of-pocket when a fire damaged their home.

When you buy a new Lake Charles homeowners insurance policy make sure you purchase enough coverage to rebuild your home exactly as it was prior to the loss based on current labor, current material costs, and local building and ordinance laws that may have been changed since your home was built.

Never insure your home for market value unless you want to be penalized by the insurance company!

The Homeowners Insurance Penalty You Need to Avoid.

Please note the contractual language of a typical Lake Charles Homeowners Insurance Policy:

Loss Settlement

Buildings covered under Coverage A or B at replacement cost without deduction for depreciation, subject to the following: 

a. If, at the time of loss, the amount of insurance in this policy on the damaged building is 80% or more of the full replacement cost of the building immediately before the loss, we will pay the cost to repair or replace, after application of any deductible and without deduction for depreciation, but not more than the least of the following amounts: 

(1) The limit of liability under this policy that applies to the building;

(2) The replacement cost of that part of the building damaged with material of like kind and quality and for like use; or

(3) The necessary amount actually spent to repair or replace the damaged building. 

So to summarize if you purchase at least 80% of what you should’ve purchased to rebuild your home the insurance company will settle your claim on a replacement cost basis, not actual cash value.

Losses settled on an actual cash value may leave policyholders on the hook to pay significant amounts of money out-of-pocket!

In our next article we will discuss why it’s important to review your coverage so you do not incur a significant penalty in the event your insurance amount falls below the 80% coverage rule by the typical company offering homeowners insurance in Lake Charles Louisiana.

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