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Commercial Auto Insurance Lake Charles – Previous Article Recap

Last time, as Hal Dingledorfer crawled along the freeway in his semi truck during a near-biblical deluge, he happened to overhear an emergency flood warning through his radio.

The warning is for the city Hal is approaching, but he did not pay it much heed.

Let’s find out what is in store for Hal now.

Insurance Coverage Scenario – Part 5

Hal presses on, despite the pouring rain and despite the ominous warning of a flood.

He has a delivery to make, and, by hook or by crook, he is going to meet his deadline.

The downpour is not letting up. Hal can see that most of the other drivers are pulling off to the side of the road, exiting, or otherwise attempting to get out of the rainstorm.

As far as Hal is concerned, though, every time a fellow driver leaves the road, the highway becomes less congested.

If the rain would let up for a bit and stop beating down on his windows, he might have noticed that sizable pools of water are starting to accumulate in the ditches, banks, and other low parts of the landscape.

The vast stretches of grasslands and wetlands the freeway cuts through are starting to look less like fields and more like ponds and small lakes.

Hal either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care about these red flags. His tires slice through a large puddle of water that has gathered in a dip in the road.

Through the relentless barrage of rain drops on his windshield, Hal can start to make out the faint shape of tall buildings in the distance. He has almost reached his destination.

There are almost no cars left on the road. Just Hal, his truck, and the rising flood waters he is fast approaching.

Stay tuned to find out what will happen to Hal and his truck when he enters the city.

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