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How to Avoid Claim Denials by Lafayette Louisiana Insurance Companies!

In a previous article we discussed how Stephen Tyler, a friend of Fred Johnson, wrecked Fred’s truck making a delivery to a customer.  Stephens’s vehicle had broken down a few days before and Fred, being a Good Samaritan, allowed Stephen to borrow his truck.

Unfortunately no good deed is left unpunished. 

A claim is submitted to Fred’s insurance company and about 5 days later the company denies his claim.

Shortly after his claim denial, Fred receives a bill from the other insurance company wanting Fred to pay for an accident he did not cause!

Why Did Fred’s Insurance Company Deny His Claim?

Fred’s car insurance policy does allow something called permissive use.  In other words if you lend your vehicle to someone not listed on your insurance policy, they should (in theory) be covered by your insurance policy if they have an accident.

However when you allow another person to operate one of your cover vehicles, that permission does not supersede any other restrictions or exclusions on the personal auto policy.

Stephen was involved in an accident while delivering a pizza in Fred’s truck!

Pizza delivery unfortunately is excluded on Fred’s policy and for this reason the claim was denied!

Note How the Pizza Delivery Exclusion Is Listed in Fred’s Policy:

Bodily injury or property damage arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of any vehicle or trailer while being used to carry persons or property for compensation or a fee, including, but not limited to, pickup or delivery of magazines, newspapers, food, or any other products. This exclusion does not apply to shared-expense car pools;

So in this instance Stephen used Fred’s truck in a way that was prohibited by his insurance company and they rightly denied the claim!

The story went from bad to worse for Fred because Stephen did not have insurance at the time of the accident.   Even if Stephen had insurance, his company may also have had a prohibition against pizza delivery.

Before Allowing Someone to Borrow Your Vehicle Ask the Following Questions:

  • What will they use your vehicle for?
  • Do I want to be responsible for their actions?

It would probably be an excellent idea to find out why they want to borrow your vehicle in the first place.  If the person borrowing your vehicle uses it in a way your insurance company prohibits, and they cause an accident, you might be on the receiving end of a claim denial!

So before turning over your car keys to another person you have every right to ask them what they will be using the vehicle for, and you should ask unless of course you don’t mind being responsible for the actions of others!

In our next article we will discuss why it’s important to make sure the individual borrowing your vehicle has a valid license!

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In a previous article we discussed the following topic:

Child Care Insurance Louisiana – Is this Covered by my Home Insurance Policy?

In our previous article Ron and Tammy Bierson began to offer child care in their home and unfortunately one of the children being cared for was injured and the parents of the injured child filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the Bierson’s.

The Bierson’s file a claim with their home insurance company.  Will they pay for this potential $500,000 claim? Unfortunately, the answer is likely no for the Bierson’s. This is why:

A homeowner’s insurance policy is not designed to cover the business pursuits of policyholders. 

Please note how this is explained in one Lafayette Louisiana home insurance policy:


  1. Coverage E — Personal Liability and Coverage F — Medical Payments to Others do not apply to bodily injury or property damage: 

Arising out of business pursuits of any insured. This exclusion does not apply to:

(1) Activities which are ordinarily incident to non-business pursuits;

(2) The occasional or part-time business pursuits of any insured who is under 23 years of age.

Some stay-at-home mothers want to make extra money by offering childcare or babysitting services for a fee.

This activity is prohibited by insurance companies for the very reason as outlined in this claim scenario.

Please note that in some instances childcare could be covered if one of the insureds is under a certain age, and this age can vary from company to company. (Don’t assume it is 23 years of age with every company)

The particular company cited above bases their age at 23.  Why is the age of importance?  This is designed for younger individuals such as teenagers offering childcare in their parents’ home.

It’s not intended for a commercial enterprise which was clearly the case for the Bierson’s and so likely a claim would be denied in this situation.

If you offer childcare in your home it’s best to consider purchasing the appropriate commercial general liability insurance, otherwise you may find yourself on the losing end of a lawsuit without any protection from your insurance company!

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