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Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 32

In last week’s article Rob had a strange conversation with Officer Friday of the local police force.

The officer had a handful of questions for Rob about his former employee, Chad, the perpetrator who stole over $20,000 from Rob’s gas station and corner store register over the course of several years.

Apparently, upon being arrested Chad had exhibited odd behavior, resisting arrest and claiming he was a clown named Doughnuts.

Rob had no knowledge of this or any other behavior related to Chad’s mental health history, so Officer Friday recommended that Rob wait patiently for the investigation to get underway and to contact his insurance company about the theft.

Rob calls up Jenny, his insurance agent and files a claim, explaining to Jenny precisely what happened, how he suspects Chad did what he did, the amount stolen, and the current situation with the police.

Rob is confident that he will be reimbursed for the theft. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that a pair of masked robbers held up his corner store and stole a day’s earnings while his daughter was behind the cash register.

In that situation, Rob’s Crime Insurance Policy endorsement covered him for the financial loss, so he expects this will be no different.

Is Rob correct in his assumption? Find out in Part 33!

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Insurance for Gas Stations Lafayette – Recap

In our most recent entry, Chad bounded out of his bedroom with renewed fervor after listening to the police officers get into their car and drive away.

Certain that he had evaded capture after a tense few minutes, Chad flew out the back door and sprinted straight for the wooden fence behind his house.

As he leapt over the fence, he was met with the strong arms of a few police officers who had been waiting for him at the back of the property.

Chad writhed and fought as he was wrestled to the ground to be arrested, screaming like a madman about his imagined future as a clown named Doughnuts.

Lafayette Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 29

After placing handcuffs on Chad’s hands to keep them behind his back, one of the officers began to speak.

“You have the right to remain silent” he began. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Chad stopped struggling and quieted down for a moment, turning his head to look up at the police officer who was speaking to him.

“You have the right to have an attorney” continued the officer. “If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court.”

The officer looked at Chad for a moment. Chad returned the stare.

“Do you understand?” asked the police officer.

Chad stared at him for a few seconds, unmoving. Then, as if a switch was flipped, he started shouting, “I am Doughnuts the Clown!” all over again.

“I think he’s lost his marbles, Bob,” said one of the officers holding Chad down.

See what happens next in part 30!

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Insurance for Gas Stations New Orleans – Recap

In last week’s article, Rob finally got to the bottom of where all his expected revenue had been going all these years. His tests had proven his hunch and now he decided it was time to confront the culprit.

That night, when there were no customers inside the corner store, Rob called Chad into his office and presented him with the latest two bogus charity promotion cards.

Let’s find out how Chad reacts.

New Orleans Corner Store Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 19

“Take a closer look, Chad,” Rob said calmly. He motioned to the charity promotion cards again, inviting Chad to pick them up and inspect them more closely.

Chad hesitated at first, looking confused and trying to read the situation. Rob noticed the sweat starting to accumulate on the young cashier’s forehead as he timidly reached for the pieces of paper.

After looking them over for a moment or two he asked, “is there something wrong with them?”

Rob didn’t answer right away. He watched as Chad tried his best to maintain his composure, but his nerves were clearly getting the better of him.

“Do you have something you would like to tell me, Chad?” Rob said at last.

Chad swallowed but didn’t say anything. Rob noticed a hint of surprise but also renewed confidence in Chad’s  demeanor.

He thinks I only know about these two most recent cards, Rob thought to himself.

“Would you like to confess to what you’ve been doing every day for the last several years?” Rob added.

All the color drained out of Chad’s face along with any hope he had that he might be able to weasel his way out of being caught for his years of embezzling.

The two sat staring at each other for a long time. Then, to Rob’s surprise, Chad leaped out of his chair and bolted out the office door.

Where is Chad running? What will happen next? Find out in part 20.

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Insurance for Gas Stations Baton Rouge – Recap

This week we continue to seek the answer to the following question: in addition to covering burglary and armed robbery, does a Crime Endorsement also cover employee theft and embezzlement?

Recall that Chad is an employee of Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store. Last time, we began to explain how Chad was able to pilfer $20,000 from his employer, Rob, over the course of six years.

Taking advantage of a promotion in which customers can fill out a card saying that they’ve donated to a particular charity in exchange for a $5 item at the gas station, Chad has been secretly filling out fake cards and then pocketing the $5 in cash one to three times a day for the last several years.

The question we left with last week was: how come Rob never noticed the fraudulent donation cards?

Baton Rouge Corner Store Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 13

It turns out that Chad has a friend who happens to work at the very same charity Rob supports.

Every few weeks, Chad’s friend would provide him with a small list of names of recent donators, which Chad would then use to fill out the fake cards.

Thus, whenever Rob actually did try to verify the authenticity of the cards with the local charity, he would always find the names he was looking for.

How did Chad manage to steal a whopping $20,000 despite only stealing such small increments at a time? We’ll answer that next week.

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Insurance for Gas Stations Louisiana – Recap

In previous entries, we learned that back when Pete purchased his current business insurance policy for his restaurant he did not add the optional crime endorsement.

Consequently, he was not covered for the theft of his deposit at gunpoint.

In last week’s entry, we also learned that even if he had had a crime endorsement on his policy, the coverage for his deposit would have been negated by his decision to stop at the gas station while on the way to the bank.

Understandably, Pete is not taking all this bad news very well.

But what about the gas station owners? How did they fare after the robbery?

Let’s find out.

Louisiana Gas Station Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 9

This week: name owner of gas station (good name), explain how their policy covers them, had $1000 in register, covered by their crime endorsement in contrast to Pete who had $5000 that wasn’t covered,

Rob Hayes is the owner of the Stop n’ Rob’s corner store, the gas station that was robbed recently.

Rob’s daughter is the gas station attendant who was held up during the robbery and forced to open the cash register.

In all, the thieves stole a little over $3,500 from the cash register. Because Rob purchased a crime endorsement on his business insurance policy, however, his insurance company reimburses him for the stolen cash.

Contrast this with the $5,000 that was stolen from Pete that cannot be reimbursed and you can start to appreciate the importance of a crime endorsement.

Next week, we will begin to discuss other aspects of Rob Hayes’ property insurance. Don’t miss it!

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Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Recap

Previously, Pete happened to be inside a corner store when two robbers entered. In addition to stealing from the store, they also mugged Pete and took his restaurant’s deposit money, a sum of over $5,000.

Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Insurance Scenario Part 3

The robber at the front counter hastily pulls the money tray out of the register, empties it into his bag, and makes for the doors. The robber who stole Pete’s deposit hesitates before following. He scoops an armful of beef jerky sticks with his free hand, then sprints out the front doors.

The two hop into their getaway van and peel out of the parking lot. Moments later, Pete can hear sirens approaching.

Pete picks himself up off the floor and calls out to the cashier.

“Hey, are you alright over there?” Pete asks shakily. He realizes he’s trembling from the experience.

After a brief pause, the cashier pops her head up over the counter.

“Ye- yeah, I’m okay,” she squeaks. Pete can hear the nervousness in her voice, too. “How about you?” she asks him in return.

“I’m not hurt,” Pete says. But my pocket book is, Pete thinks to himself, grimly.

The cashier, who introduces herself as Jenny, calls 911 to report the incident.

While they wait and begin to recover from the shock of what happened, they wonder aloud to each other whether they will be able to recover the money that was stolen from them.

Jenny tells Pete that her parents own the store so she’s not sure what their insurance covers, but that it may be possible that Pete’s stolen deposit will be covered by the store’s insurance policy.

A short while later, the police arrive, lock down the scene, and take statements from Pete and the gas station cashier.

After the ordeal is over, Pete calls his insurance agency to file a claim.

How will the insurance companies respond to this event? Find out in a future article.

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Lafayette Restaurant Insurance – Part 30: Recap Part 2

This week we will continue to summarize the events that have transpired in our fictional account of Pete Ross and his fledgling restaurant.

We left off last time with Pete looking for a way in which he could keep his monthly premiums low while also insuring his newly-purchased building.

Tracy tried to find a workable solution for Pete that would allow him to insure his property while also keeping a manageable monthly rate.

She told him that the best option available was to set Pete up with a $500,000 insurance plan for the property, which is half of the recommended coverage amount of $1,000,000.

This option would mean lower monthly payments for Pete, but the catch is that the property policy has a coinsurance clause.

Coinsurance, Tracy explained, is the percentage of the building’s value that the insurance company requires you to insure before a penalty is applied.

The policy requires an 80% coinsurance. Since 80% of a million dollars is $800,000, and Pete will only be insuring it for $500,000, he will be penalized in the event of a claim.

In a nutshell, if Pete’s property suffers a loss and the insurance company agrees to cover it, he will still have to pay over half of the costs.

Pete only had ears for a lower monthly payment, however, so he elected to go ahead with this plan even though it was against Tracy’s better judgment.

Not long after that, a drunk driver crashed his dump truck into the side of Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, causing massive damage.

The firm providing insurance for the dump truck paid Pete over $250,000 for the incident, but they also sued the bar that the dump truck driver came from just before the crash.

In a future article, we’ll give a synopsis of the final events in the story.

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Shreveport Restaurant Insurance – Story Recap 

Recently our story has taken a detour to follow the exploits of “Big” George Jowlsby, the owner of a bar down the street from Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium

George’s bar has been named in a lawsuit for over serving a dump truck driver who proceeded to crash his vehicle into the side of Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium

When George learned that he had no liquor liability coverage to handle the lawsuit, he took some shady advice from his former attorney and hatched a plan to hide his business assets. 

To pull this off, he enlisted the help of his girlfriend, Veronica. 

She had plans of her own, however, using the money to fly herself to Florida and hop on a cruise for one. 

Restaurant Insurance in Louisiana – Coverage Scenario Part 24 

The next morning, George starts making some phone calls to hire a civil defense attorney to defend against the insurance company lawsuit. He finds one he likes (he’s cheaper than the rest) and they set up an appointment the next day to discuss their official response to the lawsuit. 

He then calls Veronica to make sure everything went smoothly with the bank transfer. 

She doesn’t answer.

He sends a text message, than another, and another, with no response.

Finding that a little odd, George decides to drive over to Veronica’s apartment and check on her in person because she works the graveyard shift at the local factory. 

He knocks on her door and rings the doorbell for a few minutes, but there’s no response. 

Panicking, he jogs to the landlord’s office. He sees the leasing manager, an older man named Philly, sitting behind a desk reading a magazine. George quickly gets his attention by clearing his throat loudly. 

“Hey pal, have you seen my girlfriend in apartment B2?” George asks, speaking fast. ” She’s not answering the door.”

Philly is a bit startled by George’s sudden appearance. “Apartment B2… you mean Veronica?” 

George nods briskly. 

“Well, who did you say you were? I’m not sure I should be telling you this but you’re the boyfriend, right?” Philly nervously questions without expecting a response.

“Uh, she stopped by yesterday afternoon and said she wasn’t renewing her lease. She paid the last 3 months of rent in cash and said she was moving out of town.” 

George is speechless. He turns a very deep shade of crimson red almost instantly after processing what Philly just told him.  Philly gets the subtle impression from George’s demeanor that he just might be about to become this very LARGE and ANGRY man’s punching bag. 

George’s phone suddenly rings, diffusing the situation at least for the moment. George looks at the number on his caller ID but doesn’t recognize it. 

“Veronica, this had better be you, girl!” George thunders, causing Philly to shrink back. 

It’s not Veronica. It’s his new civil defense attorney confirming his appointment tomorrow. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time. 

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Liquor Liability Insurance Louisiana

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Louisiana Liquor Liability Insurance – Story Recap 

In our last article following Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, the insurance company responsible for Lucky Chuck’s Haul and Dump‘s commercial auto insurance discovered some important information. 

They are convinced that the bar served Chuck too much alcohol, and therefore the bar is liable for the accident that decimated Pete Ross’ restaurant. 

They file a lawsuit under this reasoning and serve it to the owner of the bar. 

Liquor Liability Insurance in Louisiana – Coverage Scenario Part 19. 

The bar being sued by the insurance company is owned by a feisty guy named “Big” George Jowlsby. 

Big George comes storming into the bar first thing in the morning before open hours and lays right into Mike, the bartender. 

“Mike!” he screams, “My bar just got sued by some insurance company, and you’re listed as one o’ the defendants!  What the heck is goin’ on here?” 

“Whoa, whoa, settle down, Big George,” Mike responds, a little confused. “I don’t know nothin’ about no lawsuit.” 

“You don’t know nothin’, eh?” Big George shoots back. “Well, it says here that some schmuck was over served in this establishment and then crashed a dump truck into that delicious Pork Emporium up the road from here.” 

Mike’s eyes widen as he remembers watching helplessly as a drunken dump truck driver drove away from the bar. 

“Ah, so you do know something about this, eh, Mike? Have you been over serving my customers?”

“I… I didn’t mean to let that happen, Big George” Mike tries to explain. “The guy must have been sneakin’ drinks from other customers or somethin’. And then, one second he’s in his seat and the next he’s stumblin’ out the door. I tried to stop him, George, I swear I did. But I was too late.” 

“So you promptly called the police and warned them about a drunken man operating a six-ton dump truck, right?” 

Mike doesn’t know what to say. 

“And I loved that pork restaurant, Mike,” George adds. “You’re fired.” 

After the incident, Big George calls up his insurance agent to find out what his options are. 

What will he learn? Find out next time in part 20. 

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Baton Rouge Restaurant Insurance – Story Recap  

In part 11 of our continuing series following Pete Ross, owner of a restaurant called Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, Pete received a real bombshell. 

He was informed by his insurance agent, Tracy, that his current restaurant insurance policy will soon be canceled by the insurer due to Pete’s excessive claims activity. 

Pete was understandably perplexed, so Tracy explained to him from a business perspective why the insurance company came to that decision. 

Pete eventually sees her point and then asks what his options now are. 

Tracy tells him she’ll see what she can do for him. 

Business Insurance Baton Rouge – Coverage Scenario Part 12 

Tracy gets to work finding another insurance company who will be willing to insure Pete for Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium before Pete’s current policy ends. 

A couple days later, Tracy gives Pete a call. 

“Hi, Pete.” 

“Hi, Tracy,” Pete replies. “What have you got for me?” 

“I have good news and I have bad news, Pete,” Tracy answers, reservedly. 

“I could use some good news right about now,” says Pete with some exasperation.

“Well, the good news is that I did manage to find one insurance company willing to insure your restaurant.” 

“That’s great!” Pete exclaims excitedly, seeming to forget that bad news is about to follow. 

“The bad news,” Tracy continues, “is that even though the company is willing to allow you to make monthly payments, your premiums with this new company are going to increase from $5,000 for the year to about $14,000.”

Pete almost has a heart attack. His premiums nearly tripled in the space of a single year!

While Pete struggles with the news, Tracy does her best to explain why his premiums are so much higher. 

“Pete, you have to look at it from the new company’s viewpoint. They are willing to insure you. Remember, Pete, you only paid $5,000 to your previous company for the entire year while they paid out $150,000 for multiple claims.”

Tracy pauses while trying to be tactful with Pete.

“To be honest, every company to whom we submitted your account turned you down because of your claims. I’m sorry, Pete. This company is your only option.”

After this all sinks in, Pete has a question for Tracy. 

“Would I, by any chance, be able to get a discount on my insurance if I were the owner of my building?” 

“Why do you ask?” Tracy inquires before answering. 

“The owner of the building I am leasing is filing bankruptcy and wants to sell it to me at a pretty cheap price so I agreed to buy it. In fact, next Tuesday we are scheduled to close the deal, so if I buy more coverage can I get a discount?” 

“What are you buying the restaurant for?” Tracy responds. 

Pete relates this information to Tracy. She promises to revise her quotes, now including coverage for the building, and get back with him.

Tracy gets the adjusted quotes and calls Pete two days later. 

In our next article, we will learn what Pete’s options now are for the revised quotes.

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