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Important Steps to Avoid Overpaying on Auto insurance Eunice La.

In 4 previous articles we discussed steps you can take to prevent overpaying on automobile insurance in Louisiana. You can read the previous articles by clicking on bad credit, wrong car, and claims to avoid and our last article discussed avoiding the need for speed.

Lead Foot Larry accumulated five speeding tickets over 18 months and was rewarded with a big fat cancellation notice from his insurance company.

Lead Foot Larry finds himself in a bad situation because he goes from paying $80 per month to more than $280 per month.

In Larry’s mind this increase is outrageous and he’s not going to pay it, so he decides to drive without insurance.

Driving Without Car Insurance in Louisiana Is Always a Bad Idea.

Lead Foot Larry to his credit did try to find lower prices on car insurance in Eunice Louisiana where he is now living.

However, the best insurance rates he could find was about $280 per month with a $1000 deductible.

Lead Foot Larry decides to skip paying the higher insurance premiums and drive without Insurance reasoning that he has no assets, and no money in the bank so if he causes an accident, they can’t get anything from him anyway.

Bad News for Lead Foot Larry…

Two months after his car insurance policy lapsed Larry receives a notice in the mail from the state of the Louisiana that his driver’s license is being suspended because the state electronically monitors insurance cancellations, which Larry was not aware of.

Now Larry is a bit of a spot because his driver’s license has been suspended. Larry needs a car to get back and forth to work and to the store for groceries.

To be truthful Larry could have afforded the $280 per month for car insurance in Eunice Louisiana but he was too prideful to pay the money so he decided to take a chance of driving without insurance.

Now he’s in worse trouble because his driver’s license has been suspended and to reinstate he needs to pay a fine to the state of Louisiana. Plus the best car insurance rate he now finds is $375 per month because he let his insurance lapse!

Lead Foot Larry’s choices are limited.   He can either give up his driving privileges until his record clears up, or scrape together the $375 each month because he let his insurance lapse not to mention the five speeding tickets on his driving record.

What Lesson Can We Learn about Driving without Insurance?

Don’t do it.  The state of Louisiana monitors individuals who lapse their insurance and your driving privileges will be revoked.

Additional penalties can occur if you are caught driving under a suspended license not to mention the fines and penalties you will need to pay the state to reinstate your driver’s license.

Even if you have a few bumps on the road don’t let your insurance lapse, insurance companies will additionally penalize you when you drive without insurance.

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Besides excellent prices for car and home insurance in Crowley we also offer money-saving advice.

In a series of articles we will share tips and strategies that are guaranteed to save you money on your automobile insurance in Louisiana.

Tips to Avoid Overpaying on Louisiana Car Insurance!

Are you in the market for a new or used car? Before driving any new or used vehicle off the dealership lot it would be a very good idea to find out what the insurance will cost you before making your purchasing decision.


Choosing the wrong car could double or even triple your car insurance premiums!

Does that sound hard to believe or maybe even a little far-fetched? (See example below)

Insurance companies in Crowley Louisiana calculate the insurance cost based on a number of factors such as:

  • The value of the vehicle
  • Is it a sports car
  • Is it 4WD or AWD
  • Who will be driving
  • Driving history of all drivers
  • Teenage drivers on the policy
  • Licensed drivers in house but not listed on your policy
  • Your credit score
  • Are you already with a high risk insurance company
  • Do you currently have insurance
  • Did you Finance the car
  • Is the car used or brand new
  • How many miles the vehicle will be driven
  • Is the vehicle used for business
  • potential damage the vehicle could cause if in an accident


A number of different factors can influence the ‘cost’ of your car insurance in Crowley Louisiana and this is why it’s a good idea to find out what the price will be before you purchase the vehicle.

Example: A policyholder purchases a brand-new Corvette without calling his insurance company to learn what the cost would be. Because the client was already insured with a high risk insurance company due to multiple speeding tickets, and because his 17-year-old son also had several speeding tickets, the insurance company rates the 17-year-old on the Corvette as well and is premiums jumped from $200 per month to $450 per month which was the cheapest price he could find anywhere!

He likes his new Corvette but he doesn’t like the price he’s paying for the insurance because it more than doubled!

If you are insured with our agency we will be happy to tell you what the cost of the car insurance will be before driving off the lot!

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