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One Way You Are Not Covered When You Lend Your Vehicle to Another Driver.

In a previous article Carson Bertrand borrows his girlfriend Stephanie’s vehicle. Will Stephanie and Carson be covered if he causes an accident?

Let’s find out. 

Carson takes up Stephanie on her offer to borrow one of her spare cars and he is driving down to the beach to hang out with one of his other girlfriends the following Friday when he receives a text message from Stephanie.

Stephanie learns Carson is heading to the beach with another girl and is breaking up with Carson and wants her car back immediately!

Carson calls Stephanie on the phone making up a halfway believable story and convinces her he’s ‘working’ and not in a position to bring the car back right away. Stephanie agrees to meet Carson on Monday.

As soon as he gets off the phone with Stephanie his ex-wife calls demanding that he pay his overdue child support soon or he’s going to jail!

Speaking to his ex-wife always upsets Carson and in the heat of the moment he takes his eyes off the road for just one or two seconds not noticing a minivan in front of him suddenly stopped.

Carson, driving Stephanie’s 2001 Porsche Boxster slams into the Ford mini-van going about 25 mph and the Porsche is destroyed, the minivan is badly damaged, and Carson along with one passenger from the minivan are transported to the hospital.

Claim Denied!

A claim is turned into Stephanie’s insurance company and after an investigation they deny coverage for the damage to the Porsche and minivan and the injuries to all of the passengers in question.

Why was this claim denied? Please note the policy language of Stephanie’s policy:

General Exclusions. We do not provide coverage under this Section for any person:

Loss occurring while “your covered auto” is being operated by a person who lacks a driver’s license, or whose driver’s license is suspended or revoked, or who has a restricted driver’s license and is using the “your covered auto” outside the scope of the restriction unless the loss is a consequence of the theft of “your covered auto.” This exclusion does not apply to “your covered auto” while being operated by “you” or any “insured driver.”

Because Carson’s driver’s license was suspended the insurance company could legally deny the claim for liability and damage to Stephanie’s vehicle.

Please note that not every insurance policy has this restriction.  You should read your individual policy before turning over the keys to anyone who wants to borrow one of your vehicles!

Car Insurance Lafayette Louisiana – Better Options Are One Call or Click Away!

As the above fictitious story illustrates car insurance is far more complicated than the price we pay and it’s important to work with an agency that offers a coverage checklist to help you learn if you have coverage gaps in your insurance protection.

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Car Insurance Lafayette Louisiana

paige3By typing car insurance Lafayette Louisiana, or its variation into the search engine that might indicate that you’re looking for better rates, a better agent, a better company or all three for your home or automobile insurance in Lafayette Louisiana! 

The good news is that we can provide all three to you! 

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Steps to Avoid Overpaying on Car Insurance Lafayette Louisiana!

In three previous articles we discussed ways to avoid overpaying on car insurance. You can click on bad credit, wrong car, and claims to avoid learning three steps to keep your premiums low. 

Today we are going to discuss your driving record; does it matter if you accumulate many tickets and accidents on your record? 

Let’s find out. 

Do You Feel the Need to Speed?

Lead Foot Larry is always running behind schedule. Because of this fact, Larry in the last 18 months has accumulated five speeding tickets and his insurance company just learned of Larry’s insatiable need for speed and decided to cancel his car insurance policy. 

Lead Foot Larry’s car insurance company rewards him with a cancellation notice

Prior to Lead Foot Larry’s 5 speeding tickets he was paying only around $80 per month for his car insurance. 

Now the cheapest price lead foot Larry can find is $280 per month. 

Ouch!  Lead Foot Larry is rewarded by receiving more than a 300% increase in his premium because he feels the need to speed. 

What Is the Simple Reason Why Insurance Companies Raise Premiums When You Add Tickets to Your Record?

Speeding can lead to the loss of control of motor vehicles, which leads potentially to accidents and injuries.  

For this reason insurance companies will aggressively raise rates or cancel policies when you feel the need for speed, and get caught!

What Can You Do to Avoid Speeding Tickets and Other Moving Violations?

Purchasing a radar or laser detector is not the answer. The best way to avoid tickets and other moving violations is to slow down, leave for work or school early, pay close attention to your speedometer, and make it a goal to obey the speed limits at all times

Taking these steps will help you avoid speeding tickets and other moving violations and huge rate increases on car insurance in Lafayette Louisiana.

Call Jeff Davis Insurance If You Have Multiple Tickets and Accidents!

Even if you have tickets or accidents we can help you find better rates.

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Opelousas Auto Insurance

Need Better Options for Insurance in Opelousas?

Opelousas Auto Insurance

Looking for a good company offering better options for homeowners and auto insurance in Opelousas Louisiana and the surrounding areas?

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Tips to Avoid Overpaying on Car Insurance in Opelousas!

Everyone wants the lowest cost insurance but there are a number of factors that can come into play that will cause your premiums to increase substantially.

One such strategy to keep your premiums low for life is to avoid turning in certain types of claims into your insurance company!

But isn’t this why I’m paying insurance premiums, to pay for claims as they occur?

It is but there’s one small detail you may overlook which can cost you large amounts of unnecessary insurance premiums.

Certain Types of Claims Will Get You Cancelled!

Insurance companies base the premium you pay on a number of factors that include loss history and the type of losses you cause.

Here’s the tricky thing about car insurance in Opelousas. Each insurance company has different underwriting standards and requirements. What is acceptable to one company may not be acceptable to others.

For example if you were to turn in a certain type of claim to your company even if the payout was relatively small, did you realize some insurance carriers will cancel your policy on your next renewal?

Do you know what type of claim would almost guarantee to get your policy canceled on your next renewal?

If you don’t know the answer to this question and you inadvertently turn such a claim into your carrier you might find yourself paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars more each year for Opelousas car insurance!

Choose Jeff Davis Insurance When You Need Auto Insurance in Opelousas.

We offer a powerful service called the JDI Claims Advocacy Program. Our Claims Advocacy Program provides you the knowledge you need to avoid unnecessary cancellations by insurance companies in reference to claims, which ones to turn in and which ones to pay out of pocket.

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Auto Insurance Crowley Louisiana

Shopping For Better Rates on Auto Insurance in Crowley Louisiana?

If so you have found the right agency!

Crowley Louisiana imageThe Jeff Davis Insurance Agency is a leading independent agency in Crowley helping new clients finds the coverage they need.

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This Is Why You Should Choose Our Agency for Insurance in Crowley Louisiana!

Besides excellent prices for car and home insurance in Crowley we also offer money-saving advice.

In a series of articles we will share tips and strategies that are guaranteed to save you money on your automobile insurance in Louisiana.

Tips to Avoid Overpaying on Louisiana Car Insurance!

Are you in the market for a new or used car? Before driving any new or used vehicle off the dealership lot it would be a very good idea to find out what the insurance will cost you before making your purchasing decision.


Choosing the wrong car could double or even triple your car insurance premiums!

Does that sound hard to believe or maybe even a little far-fetched? (See example below)

Insurance companies in Crowley Louisiana calculate the insurance cost based on a number of factors such as:

  • The value of the vehicle
  • Is it a sports car
  • Is it 4WD or AWD
  • Who will be driving
  • Driving history of all drivers
  • Teenage drivers on the policy
  • Licensed drivers in house but not listed on your policy
  • Your credit score
  • Are you already with a high risk insurance company
  • Do you currently have insurance
  • Did you Finance the car
  • Is the car used or brand new
  • How many miles the vehicle will be driven
  • Is the vehicle used for business
  • potential damage the vehicle could cause if in an accident


A number of different factors can influence the ‘cost’ of your car insurance in Crowley Louisiana and this is why it’s a good idea to find out what the price will be before you purchase the vehicle.

Example: A policyholder purchases a brand-new Corvette without calling his insurance company to learn what the cost would be. Because the client was already insured with a high risk insurance company due to multiple speeding tickets, and because his 17-year-old son also had several speeding tickets, the insurance company rates the 17-year-old on the Corvette as well and is premiums jumped from $200 per month to $450 per month which was the cheapest price he could find anywhere!

He likes his new Corvette but he doesn’t like the price he’s paying for the insurance because it more than doubled!

If you are insured with our agency we will be happy to tell you what the cost of the car insurance will be before driving off the lot!

Not yet Insured with Jeff Davis Insurance?

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