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Baton Rouge Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 13

In Part 12 of our ongoing coverage scenario about towing business owners Nick and Rick, we recalled how similar Nick and Rick’s lives and career paths have been over the years.

For example, they are from the same town, went to school together, both worked for years as tow truck drivers after high school, and both wound up owning and running their very own towing businesses.

They even had identical Business Auto Insurance policies for their towing companies, or, at least, they did until Rick decided to save some money by switching to a similar policy through a different carrier.

In continuation of the similarities between them, it turns out that one of Nick’s drivers also collided with an animal during the course of his towing duties, just a day before Rick’s driver Buford had his accident.

Here’s what happened:

It was a rainy evening, and visibility was terrible. Clarence used his hand to wipe away the condensation fogging up the inside of his windshield, though it did little to help him see the road.

Even with his windshield wipers working at full blast, the deluge of rain was relentless, and only growing heavier.

For a while, he was able to stay safely in his lane without too much trouble by following the red glow of the tail lights of the car in front of him, but that guiding light had long since turned off the dark road, leaving him to forge ahead on his own.

Clarence was a greenhorn, having only been on the job for about five months. He felt like he was finally starting to get the hang of things, but he wasn’t yet used to working nights.

That may help to explain why he didn’t see it coming.

Find out what happened to Clarence in our next entry.

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Truck Insurance New Orleans

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New Orleans Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 6

In part 5, a driver named Buford who works for Quick Rick’s Slick Towing had just been dispatched to tow a customer’s vehicle.

We mentioned that Buford is a dependable tow truck operator who has been in the business for many years.

The location he needs to reach is on the opposite end of town. Because of the time of day and the apparent traffic, Buford decides to take the scenic route around the outskirts of town to reach his destination.

Let’s jump back in and find out what happens next.

Buford drives a few blocks beyond the city proper and takes a right onto a winding road that snakes around the eastern edge of town.

He has always enjoyed driving this route when he can because most of it is lined on at least one side by forest and brush. Some parts of the road are lined by forest trees on both sides.

Taking advantage of this pleasant little detour, Buford cranks up his radio and sings along to one of his favorite driving tunes that just so happened to start playing at this moment.

Buford is really enjoying this break from his usual routine. He’s enjoying it so much, in fact, that he is no longer concentrating very hard on the road ahead of him as he drives.

He rolls down his window to let the breeze in and continues singing along with the radio while he takes in the serene scenes of nature around him.

In his absent-minded state, he does not notice the danger on the road up ahead…

What is this danger? Find out next time in Part 7.

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Lake Charles Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 2

In Part 1 of our latest coverage scenario we met Rick and Nick, old friends who grew up together in the same town, went to the same schools, and worked together under the same employer, TJ’s Titanic Towing.

We also learned that, after many years working for TJ’s Titanic Towing, Rick relocated his family to a nearby town after his wife started a new job there.

Nick, meanwhile, purchased TJ’s Titanic Towing after the owner decided to retire and sell off the business.

We left off as Nick is about to call his old pal Rick to tell him the news.

Nick picks up the phone and dials Rick’s number. Rick answers and the two proceed to do some long overdue catching up.

After regaling each other with stories of the major happenings in the past several months of their lives, Nick finally gets around to telling Rick about how he recently acquired TJ’s Titanic Towing and achieved his dream of being a business owner.

Rick congratulates his old friend, and then surprises him with some big news of his own: Rick recently started his very own towing business in his new town.

Nick is overjoyed to hear of his friend’s success, and the two have a good laugh about how they have always done everything together their whole lives but neither expected that they would both begin operating towing businesses at almost the exact same time.

After telling each other about their respective towing operations, the subject shifts to insurance. Rick is looking for some advice on purchasing a solid business auto coverage plan for his small fleet of tow trucks.

Rick, having received some very good advice about a number of business concerns from his former boss, TJ, tells Nick what he knows and makes some recommendations. He suggests Nick contact the insurance agent Rick uses because he has always been provided with great service.

After wrapping up their conversation, Nick decides to take Rick’s advice and calls up the agent Rick recommended.

So far so good for Rick and Nick, but trouble is on the horizon. What will happen? Find out next time in Part 3!

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